Writing Skills

Writing Skills Assistance

writingAt Academic Prose, we understand that writing at the college level can be intimidating.  There are so many quirks and requirements in academic writing that do not apply to more traditional types of communication.  Understanding how APA applies to writing can be difficult. 

All of our educational coaches have a complete understanding of APA formatting and requirements and will assist students in developing this critical skill.  To that end, we offer an online writing lab (in our virtual learning environment) that is staffed 24/7 to answer on-demand questions (via chat, discussion forum, etc.) in order to help with specific challenges related to composing a variety of writing and professional projects. 

Our input will assist you in clarifying your position in a research project or pointing out awkward phrasing and improper grammar in a professional presentation or résumé.  Regardless of the assignment, our goal is to help students become the best they can be in order to gain the most out their educational experience at every level.

Online Writing Forum (OWF)

In the OWF, students and coaches can discuss assignments/projects either in real-time or asynchronously. In a real-time coaching session, the student and coach can review the project line by line or slide by slide for critique using the chat function.  In an asynchronous or self-paced coaching situation, the coach will review the document/presentation and make notes accordingly using the “track changes” function within MS Word/PowerPoint.  This will give the student specific feedback regarding insights that the coach has identified as an area that may be of concern or an area where positive feedback is warranted.